Why life is too difficult and complicated with a West Midland Escort

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Life isn’t comfortable to live if you have not finished your studies. I always believe that education is the key to success but life steals it to me. When all of my childhood memories reminds of all the bad experiences, I had. Our family lives in the lower class of status, we are poor and struggles every day of our lives. My parents worked for 10 hours a day and arrived very tired. I also work as a waitress in a coffee shop, but even if we gather our salary, it’s still not enough on our daily needs and for the medication of my sister since she is suffering from an illness.


I had seen my batch mates laughing and busy discussing schools where I am serving coffee to people. Sometimes, they passed by at the coffee shop, and I hide because of being ashamed of them. I dream that somehow I can go to school too and have my school stuff with me. If could my parents can send me to school, I will not miss the chance to study hard and achieve my goals in life. Most of my nights, I spend thinking how I can change our lives and get out of this situation. I get heard that West Midland is looking for West Midland escort and I grab the opportunity. I flew to West Midland and went directly to West Midland Escort Agency from http://www.westmidlandescorts.com and apply. After weeks of waiting, I got a confirmation that I was in with the job. I undergo lots of training.


On my first book, it was a bit nervous, but I need to be brave. Little by Little, I got bought the things I need in life, but still, it doesn’t complete my life. People are throwing harsh words at me and judge without knowing the real me. Men usually fooled me and shame me in public because I was an escort. I get a little respect for people. I had no one with me since my family is far away. It’s difficult for me to accept that this is the only work I can do since I haven’t finished school. All my relatives know about me, but even one of them never call to me, they loathe at me. My neighbors get a distance to me because of afraid I will seduce their husband.


I thought I already have what I want, but it’s harder when there is no one to comfort you. Many men try to approach and show affection, but when they already used me, they disappeared and left me like trash. I often cried every time I remember why life is too difficult and complicated with a West Midland Escort.

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