Tips On Controlling An Aggressive Client

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Escorts encounter different kinds of people in their work, including aggressive clients. Aggression can arise due to many factors such as: emotions during intimacy which is harmless since it is some people’s fantasy or disrespect for escorts due to the notion that they are objects for sex bought by money. Not even the slightest hint of anger should be taken lightly when dealing with a client which is why Eve London escorts need to take safety precaution. The following tips are vital in ensuring your safety whenever you encounter an aggressive client:

Clearly Explain What the Service Entails to the Client Prior to Your Meeting

Ensure to clearly and politely explain to the client about the components of the service they are paying for and what constitutes unacceptable conduct during booking and reinforce the same when you meet with them. Doing so makes the client understand what they will be getting and the limits to be observed.

Be Alert

You should always keep your phone within reach should there be an urgent need to call for help. First, assess the situation with the client to establish the options available to you. Remain calm and try to cool the situation as soon as there are indications of aggression when dealing with a client. Should you panic strive to conceal it from the client.

Be Chauffeured When Going to Meet a Client at Their Location

You should always ensure to have a driver drive during outcalls. Having a driver reduces the chance of a client becoming aggressive since they know you are not alone and that help is within reach should they misbehave. In the event you are driving yourself, ensure to park the vehicle in such a way that the client can only have its rear view to give him the impression that you have someone waiting in the car.

Stand Firm on What is Allowed and What is Prohibited

In the event, you are not able to immediately get out, try to politely make the aggressor understand that their actions are a violation of the terms agreed and they should stop. The client might have been carried away by emotions during the encounter and most of the time they will come back to their senses and apologize to you.

Alert the Agency or the Person Watching Over You

In the event a client turns more violent when you tell them to stop violating you, you should pick up your phone and contact your agency or the person watching over. The agency will call to warn the client and let them know they risk having an encounter with their security which is on the way to your location.

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