This lady has come to announce her intention to marry me.

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I have actually been dating with London escorts for simply over two years now, however I have never fulfilled a gent who wishes to marry me before. Paul walked into my life just over three months ago, and now he says that he is madly in love with me. It feels a bit strange, and none of the other girls who work for our London escorts have left to get wed. To be honest, I am not sure if it is the ideal thing to do at all. It is not that I have a lot to quit, but I would like to have a long time to learn more about Paul a bit better. He is ten years older than I am and he has been wed prior to. I understand that he is rather well off but I am not so sure that it is a great concept to marry for money. A few of the girls here at London escorts have actually done that, and I hesitate that it has not truly worked out for them at all. I have no plans on being another unlucky in love London escorts statistic. In many ways, I feel special about the fact that Paul wishes to marry me. We do get on truly well, and we have lots of enjoyable together. As we have a lot of interests in common, we always have something to speak about. I know that Paul is desperate to have a family as he never ever had one with his very first better half. But, I would not want to leave London escorts and start a household immediately. I would want to invest some time away from London escorts and sort of refocus my life before I started a household. I feel like stating yes to Paul but that would be my heart judgment my head. It would perhaps be better to ask if we can live together for a while firstly. I could keep my flat, and see how I feel about Paul. He does have a beautiful house I know that there would be plenty for me to do when I am not at London escorts. One thing is for sure, Paul is not expecting me to be his maid at all. He currently has among those, so if I left London escorts to live him, I would not have to raise a finger. I understand that it sounds to be excellent to be real, which is what concerns me in numerous ways. Should I leave London escorts from to be with Paul? I have been thinking of doing something else really so this might be the ideal opportunity. Like Paul states, I could constantly come back and see my pals at London escorts. I know that I can but I still feel that I require something for me. Maybe I might get a little part time in one of the stores in London. Paul appears to be actually open minded, and I am sure that he would not mind me working a number of hours. After all, he does work really long hours, and I think that I would get a bit lonesome and blue without having something to do.

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